Hello, I’d like to introduce my husband and myself, the new owners of The Great Room. We are Greg and Tami Germond, we have both lived here in Lexington Kentucky most of our lives. We are a blended family with four children ranging in age from 18-23 years old. Greg and I are a great balance of business and design. Greg is a numbers guy with a great business mind and I’m the creative mind with a passion for interior design and furniture repurposing. Greg and I have enjoyed coming to The Great Room to find that perfect piece we were looking for or to come look for ideas and enjoy the atmosphere.

Greg and I are transitioning into a new season of life as empty nesters and The Great Room becoming available for sale was perfect timing for us to start a new adventure doing something we have a passion for. Our goal is to continue welcoming The Great Room customers and consignors in the same spirit as Christina and Kevin Hager have for the past three years. March 26th the doors open on The Great Room for the first time with us as the owners. Come and see us!