If you’re interested in consigning, please contact us or send us a text with pictures of the items.  You can text us at 859-270-3088 and we will gladly look over you items. We take items on consignment for up to 120 days. Items are reduced by 10% each 30 days until sold or you may come back and retrieve your item if you would like to keep it. You may also have your item donated at the end of the 120 days if you desire.

For items sold over $100 you will receive 60% of the sell price.
For items sold under $100 you will receive 50% of the sell price.

If your item or items sell between the 8th of month one and the 7th of month two, your check will be available for pickup on the 15th of month two. If your item or items sell after the 7th of month two your check will be available for pick up the following 15th of month three.

We will work hard to display your items in the most appealing way possible and provide creative ideas for customers to see your items in a new light. We advertise in local print and media, and also through social media, in order to give you the best opportunity to find a home for your items. Rest assured that we are on your side and always working on your behalf!